VASE V1-15H Bass Cabinet

1x 15" Bass Speaker + High Frequency Horn



The VASE V1-15H Bass Cabinet provides traditional bass guitar reproduction with extended bass response, warm midrange, and well defined highs to perfectly complement all styles of musical performance.

The V1-15H is loaded with a VASE 15" loudspeaker which is optimised for bass instrument reproduction. A VASE HF50 high frequency horn, complete with crossover and attenuator, provides high frequency articulation for a truly satisfying bass tone.

Chrome plated steel locating "dishes" positively position the stacked amplifier on top of the cabinet. Steel bar handles and rubber feet are fitted.

The V1-15H Bass Cabinet is finished in hard wearing AcoustiCoate black elastomer coating with a stylish black grille. VASE also offers the option of finishing the cabinet in the four original VASE vinyl colours and four colours of grille cloth, providing sixteen custom colour combinations.

Manufactured in Brisbane, Australia the VASE V1-15H continues the deep tradition of quality craftsmanship, acute attention to detail and an absolute passion for high quality musical instrument amplification.


The V1-15H Bass Cabinet is an excellent loudspeaker cabinet for the
VASE Dynabass 1k Classic Bass Amplifier


Drivers 1x VASE 15" Bass Speaker
1x VASE HF50 Driver and Horn
Power Rating 450W
Physical Size (mm) 540w x 420d x 670h
Weight 28kg
Connector Neutrik Combicon ® Connector
Impedance 8 Ohms
High Frequency
Roll-off attenuator on rear
Standard Finish Black textured AcoustiCoate elastomer finish.
Black Grille Cloth.
Optional Vinyl Colours Black Stump, Full Cream, True Blue, Great White
Optional Grille Cloth Colours Black, Silver, Vintage, Heritage


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