VASE Tonesetter 18 Combo Guitar Amplifier

Single Channel 18 Watt Valve Combo Guitar Amplifier + 12" Celestion Loudspeaker



The VASE Tonesetter 18 Combo Guitar Amplifier offers a wide range of clean and overdriven guitar tones in a compact and convenient 18 Watt combo style amplifier.

High and Low Gain Inputs accept a wide range of passive and active instruments. The preamplifier Gain and Master Volume controls provide all the classic guitar tones at any output level. Ultra-clean glassy shimmers to powerful rock oriented overdriven lead and chord textures are enhanced and shaped with the simple yet wide ranging Tone control.

The classic Celestion 12" Greenback loudspeaker delivers all the volume, clarity and punch that this amplifier can produce. For added versatility the Tonesetter 18 Combo is provided with loudspeaker output jacks allowing an extension loudspeaker cabinet to be used in parallel with the internal loudspeaker.

The Tonesetter 18 Combo is available in the four original VASE vinyl colours and four colours of grille cloth, providing sixteen custom colour combinations.

Hand-wired and constructed in Brisbane, Australia the Tonesetter 18 Combo continues the deep tradition of quality craftsmanship, acute attention to detail and an absolute passion for high quality musical instrument amplifiers.

The Tonesetter 18 Combo Guitar Amplifier is ideal for personal practice, studio recording and high impact on-stage performance.


Inputs High and Low Gain Inputs
Controls Preamp Gain, Tone Contour and Master Volume
Output Power 18 Watts Cathode Biased
Loudspeaker 25 Watt 12" Celestion Greenback Loudspeaker
Cabinet Type Open or Closed Back
Mode Switch Combo, Combo + Extension Loudspeaker, Head Mode
Extension Loudspeaker 16 Ohms when used with internal loudspeaker.
4, 8, or 16 Ohms when used as a head.
Mains Power Switch Heavy Duty Toggle Type + Red Neon Indicator
Standy Switch Heavy Duty Toggle Type
Connectors Inputs and Extension Loudspeaker - 6.5mm Phone Jack
Mains Input - IEC Fused
H.T. Supply Separately Fused
Knobs Black Pointer Style
Valves 2x EL84, 2x 12AX7
Rectifier Type Solid State Diodes
Construction 1.6mm steel chassis. Black powder coat finish.
18mm ply cabinet fitted with matching handles & rubber feet.
Vinyl Colour Options Black Stump, Full Cream, True Blue, Great White
Grille Cloth Colour Options Black, Silver, Vintage, Heritage
Power Requirements 230 Volts AC - 1 Amp
120 Volts AC - 2 Amps
100 Volts AC - 2 Amps
Overall Dimensions 435mm(W) x 315mm(D) x 500mm(H)
including handles and feet.
435mm(W) x 315mm(D) x 460mm(H)
excluding handles and feet.
Weight 22 Kg

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